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Viper XPT Accessories & PARTS

Viper XPT Accessories & PARTS

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Viper XPT-6000 Stainless Spray Tip
  • Buy 6 for $28.40 each
Viper XPT O-Rings (Package of 6)
  • Buy 2 for $5.00 each
Viper XPT Tip Angle Gauge

Quick Overview

Not all available parts are listed yet.  SEE DESCRIPTIONS BELOW to help in selecting the correct part you need.

Call 800-525-4657 to order parts not listed above.  PLEASE HAVE PART # READY

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  • Viper XPT Spare Parts & Accesories
  • Viper Parts Counter c1972 Check out the bell-bottom jeans :)


Viper XPT-6000 Pretreatment Machine Accessories & Parts

Below is a comprehensive list of all parts and accessories for the i-Group Technologies' Viper XPT-6000 Automatic Pretreat Machine.  

Please not that some of these parts should be installed by a qualified or experienced person.  Before purchasing any spare parts, please be sure to first follow the maintenance cleaning procedures for that item.  Most times it is not a defective or broken/worn-out part, but simply a buildup of pretreatment residue.  

Remember always USE ONLY Distilled Water, Image Armor Cleaning Solution or Viper Anti-Venom solutions for cleaning your system and parts.  Use of other solvents or cleaners may damage the Viper XPT machine and it's internal components.  

WARNING: The use of ANY chemical, other than Distilled Water or Viper Anti-Venom, in the Viper XPT will void the machine warranty and will very likely destroy internal components!  

Following is a list and brief explanation of the available parts and their function:

  • IGVP18 Adult Platen Assembly:  18" x 20" Platen with aluminum mounting assembly.  Comes standard on all new Viper XPT-6000's. Largest work area for adult garments and misc. objects to be sprayed.
  • IGVP13 Youth Platen Assembly:   13" x 20" Platen with aluminum mounting assembly.  Allows youth sized garments to be mounted on the platen without excessive stretching.
  • IGVP9 Baby/Infant Platen Assembly:     9" x 20" Platen with aluminum mounting assembly.  Allows baby and infant sized garments to be mounted on the platen without excessive stretching.
  • IGV1D086 Fluid "IN/OUT" Hose Pack:  Complete kit that allows IN and OUT hook up of a second pretreatment fluid.  The kit includes 2 hoses with one-way check valves and pvc tube anchors.  The pvc tube anchors keep the hoses at the bottom of fluid supply containers.
  • IGV1D137 Internal Fluid Hose Replacement Kit:  Complete kit that includes ALL internal fluid hoses.  All tubes are cut to size and include the Plumbing Diagram.  This kit also includes all tubes leading to the spray heads.
  • IGV1D084 Stainless Steel Spray Tips:  Sold as EACH.  There are "six" used in the XPT-6000.  These are stainless steel and the correct oriface , pattern and threads to fit the XPT machine.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE TIPS NOT DESIGNED FOR THE VIPER.  They will NOT work, as this was engineered for a specific tip and will result in poor spray pattern if an alternate tip is used.
  • IGV1D043 Spray Solenoid:  These are the "electronic guns" that do the actual spraying of the fluid.  These do NOT include the lead wire.  You should completely disassemble and clean your old spray solenoid before deciding to replace it.  These are tested for "millions" of cycles and should last for decades if not abused!
  • IGV1D119 O-Rings for Spray Solenoids (pack of 6):  The spray tips seat against these o-rings that are easily lost during cleaning/maintenance.  Your machine will NOT work without these!  It is highly suggested to keep spares handy!!
  • IGV1J126  Spray Solenoid PLUNGER sub-assembly:  This is the stainless steel plunger that is inside the spray solenoid.  The tip wear or damage will result in dripping and bad spray pattern.
  • IGV1B104 Spray Solenoid Electric Cable:   This is the power supply wire for the Spray Gun solenoid.  You must specify which spray head this is for.  Each head requires a different length power lead wire.
  • IGV1D102 Pressure Relief Valve:  These valves control the system pressure and prevent too much, or too little pressure at the spray heads.  Try performing a complete cleaning maintenance on this before purchasing a replacement.
  • IGV1D042 Bypass Exit Solenoid Assembly:   Yeah... I forget about this part... I think it's in the back somewhere behind the selector valve..... buy this if Tech Support tells you to :)
  • IGV1D055 Fluid "IN" Hose Filter:   This is a filter and one-way check valve for the fluid IN feed line
  • IGV1D054 Fluid Out Hose Filter:  This is a filter and one-way check valve to prevent fluid from going back into the machine.  It is a discharge "out" directional valve.
  • IGV1D125 Tip Maintenance Kit:  A container with lid for soaking the tips in Anti-Venom each night.  It also has a small brush that fits inside the container, used to scrub the tips prior to rinsing and remounting onto spray head.
  • IGV1A001 Pump 115V60Hz:   High pressure diaphragm pump for moving all fluids in the system.  USA / North America voltage and hz.
  • IGV1E054 Pump 230V50Hz:   High pressure diaphragm pump for moving all fluids in the system.  Europe / International voltage and hz.
  • IGV1B081 Pump Relay:   The thingamabob that does the whatchacallit to the pump.  Buy it if the Tech Support guy tells you to...
  • IGV1K122 Full Shammy Sheet:   Similar to a ShamWOW.  Super absorbent and used for cleaning and when cut down, as a spray suppression wick.  Full size 19.5" x 27.5" towel. DISCONTINUED use traditional Sham-Wow! or similar super absorbent cloth.
  • IGV1H071 Shammy Strips for Spray Suppression:  Cut to size to fit inside the "Garage Door" hood to catch and absorb overspray.  DISCONTINUED use traditional Sham-Wow! or similar super absorbent cloth.
  • IGV1TAG Brass Spray Tip Angle Gauge:   This is a heavy solid brass tool for setting the correct angle for the tips.  If you lost yours, you MUST use this to keep all the tips aligned correctly.
  • IGV1BELL White Track Protection Bellows:  These should be removed every month for cleaning and inevitably, will get damaged and need replacing.  They prevent any spray mist to get to the tracks and cause platen motion seizure.  Good bellows are an absolute necessity for continued performance, keep an extra set on hand!

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