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Screen Exposure & Processing

Screen Exposure & Processing

A little "GTL" from the Jersey Shore!  Exposure units, equipment and shop aids for successful photoscreen production and reclaiming.

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  1. Chromaline Ikonics Screen Exposure Calculator

    Chromaline Screen Exposure Calculator


    Chromaline Exposure Calculator Learn More
  2. Richmond Graphics Solarbeam SBL-4 / SBL-2 Exposure Bulb Calmat

    SBL-4 or SBL-2 Solarbeam 10k 7k Tri-Metal Halide Exposure Lamp Richmond Graphics Screenmaker


    Tri-Metal Halide - the BEST light for screen making. Usually IN STOCK  and ready to ship same day. CALL 1-732-324-0430 for SAME DAY SHIPPING until 3:00pm EST

    MARCH 2022: Due to the war in Ukraine, availability of these lamps will be temporarily unstable.  An immediate 10% price increase is in effect for all existing inventory.  We have absorbed a bulk of the price increase.

    Learn More
  3. Stouffer's 21 Step Screen Exposure Guide

    21-Step Screen Exposure Guide

    21 Step Screen Exposure Guide


    * Domestic, 1st. Class Mail

    Learn More
  4. Dip'N Strip Screen Reclaiming Tank

    Screen DIP TANKS

    Starting at: $425.00

    All Prices INCLUDE Crating Charge

    Learn More
  5. Epson 4900 Stylus Pro Printer, 11 cartridges

    Epson 4900 Stylus Pro DISCONTINUED


    Out of stock


    See important messages in description.

    Learn More
  6. Vastex E-2000 Series High Intensity LED Exposure Unit

    Vastex LED Exposure Units

    Starting at: $2,527.00

    Fast Exposing LED Light source

    Got a better price?  CALL US and we'll try to BEAT IT!

    Learn More
  7. Vastex E-200 LED Exposure Unit 21" x 24" Max Screen OD

    Vastex E-200 LED Exposure Unit 21" x 28"


    Vastex E-200 LED Exposure Unit 21" x 28" Learn More
  8. Vastex E-2000 LED Exposure Unit 23" x 31"

    Vastex E-200 LED Exposure Unit 23" x 31"


    Vastex E-200 LED Exposure Unit 23" x 31" Learn More
  9. 1,000 Watt Quartz Exposure Bulb BTFCM
  10. ChromaTech WR Water Resistant Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion

    ChromaTech WR Photopolymer Emulsion

    Starting at: $32.95

    Universal Textile WATER-RESIST Emulsion

    Learn More
  11. Vastex E2 CTS Computer To Screen LED Expoosure Unit
  12. Mobile Adjustable Aluminum Screen Rack

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