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Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT Printers **SALE**

Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT Printers **SALE**

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Product Name Price
BLACK Sawgrass NaturaLInk 'B' for Brother GT Series DTG Printers *INCLUDES Wiper Cartridge*
CYAN Sawgrass NaturaLInk 'B' for Brother GT Series DTG Printers
MAGENTA Sawgrass NaturaLInk 'B' for Brother GT Series DTG Printers
YELLOW Sawgrass NaturaLInk 'B' for Brother GT Series DTG Printers

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Buy 4 get 10% OFF (pay $135.00 each)*,  Buy10 get 20% OFF (pay $120.00 each)*


Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 DTG Printers

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  • Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 DTG Printers
  • NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 DTG Printers
  • NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 DTG Printers


Special: up to 20% off On-Line Orders Only (LIMITED TIME)

Sawgrass NaturaLInk 'B' Ink Cartridges for Brother GT Series Printers (GT-541, GT-782 only)

NaturaLink® B is color-matched with OEM Brother® inks, so you can change out one color at a time or all colors at the same time.  Providing a 28% savings and better wash fastness than OEM ink, NaturaLink® B is a win-win choice for you and your customers. 
• Color-Matched to OEM Brother Ink 
• Superior Wash-Fastness 
• Easy Plug-and-Print Compatibility 
• 28% Savings Over OEM Brother Ink  (OEM Cartridges are $208.00 ea) Our regular everyday price
!!% Savings Over OEM Brother Ink  (on 4+ cartridges take 10% off and pay $135.00 ea)
• !!% Savings Over OEM Brother Ink  (on 10+ cartridges take 20% off Sawgrass and pay $120.00 ea)* Final discount will be applied at time of shipping or check-out.

  • Generic replacement for the following OEM ink cartridges:  
  • GC-50K Black
  • GC-50M Magenta
  • GC-50C Cyan
  • GC-50Y Yellow

WARNING: DO NOT re-fill an ink cartridge with 3rd Party inks.  "EVER"You can ruin a Printhead by using inks that may not be compatible.  You can contaminate good ink with bad ink.  Air can be introduced into the "closed system". 

We have seen many printheads have problems in the last year or two, as the result of using 3rd party inks!  It is most certainly not worth the chance just to save a few dollars.

DO NOT USE 3rd Party inks in "drop in bags".  We have seen several issues with thse products as well.



Compatible with Brother GT-541 and GT-782.  NaturaLink for Brother® (NaturaLink B) is an aqueous-based, environmentally friendly ink that has the same basic four-color formulation as your original Brother® ink.  This means that you can print on the same type of garments--white or light-colored T-shirts, and other garments made of 100% cotton, or 50-50 polyester-cotton blends—at a lower cost and with an increased wash fastness. Just insert the new NaturaLink ink cartridges (see image below) into your Brother® GT-541 or GT-782 printer, and you are ready to print.  This Quick Guide will instruct you how to charge your GT-541 printer with the new ink and begin printing.  For more detailed information about the operation and maintenance of your Brother GT-541 printer, please refer to the Basic Operation Manual that came with the printer.  

These have been field tested and found to be compatible with printing in the GT-782 on top of Brother White ink.  Perform your own tests, prior to production runs, to evalute the performance.


Q: How does the wash fastness of NaturaLink B compare to that of Brother OEM inks?

A: NaturaLink B has up to 54% Better Optical Density after 5 Washes!  Lab tests confirm that after five washes, Sawgrass’ NaturaLink B has substantially less loss in Optical Density (OD) than Brother. This means that your prints fade less and will stay brighter longer. Optical Density (OD) is a measure of the intensity of the color in a printed image - the higher the OD, the more intense the color. A faded color is a color that has lost intensity, and has, therefore, a lower OD. 
For comparison purposes, a lower OD loss, in percentage terms, is shown as an improvement in wash-fastness in the table below.
Wash Fastness Comparison – NaturaLink B vs. Brother OEM Inks
Optical Density (OD) Loss after five washes
Color NaturaLink® B Brother® % Improvement
Cyan 17.15% 18.62% 7.9%
Magenta 11.34% 16.60% 31.7%
Yellow 13.26% 17.22% 23.0%
Black  10.73% 23.40% 54.1%

 Important Precautions

When using NaturaLink, the same precautions apply as when using Brother® ink.  Your Brother® GT-541 Basic Operation Manual lists all of the precautions pertaining to the printer.  This section will concentrate on those directly related to the new ink and the printed output. 

  • Store your NaturaLink cartridges away from direct sunlight until they are required.  When stored properly, the ink will maintain its integrity for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Install the ink cartridges in the color slots that correspond to the color of the ink in the cartridge. Be sure to match the colors of labels on your printer with those on the ink cartridges (see Figure 1 above).
  • Do not pull out ink cartridges during printing.  Doing so, will result in poor print quality and may cause damage to your printer.
  • Garments coming off the printer will have the finished look, but the ink will still be wet and, therefore, will transfer easily to other objects.  Be careful when handling a freshly printed garment until the image has been fixed by heat and pressure.  Make sure not to allow the printed side to touch any surface or to fold onto itself, however slightly.
  • To cure, or fix, the image, press the printed garment on a heat press at the following settings:
    • Temperature: 360° F       
    • Pressure:         40 psi        
    • Dwell time:       35 seconds

If you accidentally spill or transfer NaturaLink onto your heat press or other surfaces, and the ink has not been heated or heat-pressed, you can easily wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel soaked with Windex or an industrial cleaner such as Jessup's CIC Cross Industry Cleaner

Operating Conditions

It is important to only perform printing operations when the room AND the printer are stable with the surrounding environment.  In otherwords, if you turn the heat off in the shop over the weekend in winter, you must let the machine AND the ink warm up to room temperature for several hours before attempting to print.  The reverse applies in the summer.  Allow the machine and ink to stabilize to room temperature.

BEST OPERATION ENVIRONMENT:  Temperature 59-77 degrees F (15-25c) Relative Humidity 35% or higher.

 Installing the New Ink Cartridges

This ink is directly compatible with original GT-541 ink, so you may install it immediately in your GT-541 printer without concern.  


  1. Make sure that all printing has stopped and the printer is in the Ready state.
  2. Remove the empty ink cartridges and insert the new cartridges.  Be sure to match the colors of the labels on the ink cartridges with those on the printer.
  3. Perform a nozzle check to ensure that all of the nozzles are firing.  If one or more nozzles are missing, perform a Normal Cleaning.

You are now ready to print..  

NOTE:   If you have any concerns, you may first drain the existing Brother OEM ink from your system.  Simply insert the "Filter Cartridge" (supplied to you when the printer was first installed) and run an "Initial Head Cleaning" on the color you are changing.  Replace filter cartridge with new Sawgrass ink cartridge and do another "Initial Head Cleaning" to load the new ink.


NaturaLink is not only friendly to the environment, it is also friendly to your printer, and it is designed to provide continuous and trouble-free printing.  If you experience an occasional nozzle dropout (looks like banding or steaking in the print), perform a Normal Cleaning, and follow it up with a nozzle check print to ensure that all nozzles are firing properly.  As recommended when using OEM inks, always replace the Wiper Cleaner Cartridge when replacing the black ink cartridge.  The Wiper Cleaner is included with every black ink cartridge.  The black cartridge box is bigger than the other color-cartridge boxes to accommodate the Wiper Cleaner).  The Wiper Cleaner box, which is inside the black box, contains the Wiper Cleaner Cartridge, cleaning solution, swabs and gloves.  Follow the instructions on the Basic Operation Manual that came with your Brother printer on how to replace the Wiper Cleaner Cartridge.  Also clean the print head cap and the wiper blade when performing this operation.

 Limited Warranty

Sawgrass Technologies agrees to either replace the goods or refund the purchase price for the goods, which shall be Sawgrass' sole liability and responsibility for errors or defects in these goods, and which shall be the Purchaser’s sole remedy for errors or defects in the goods, whether in contract, in negligence or other tort, or under any warranty. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND SPECIFICALLY, THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. SAWGRASS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE OF EQUIPMENT, LOSS OF PROFIT OR REVENUE, OR OTHER ECONOMIC LOSS, OR COSTS OF RENTING REPLACEMENT EQUIPMENT, OR FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER SIMILAR DAMAGES.   * Brother® is a registered trademark of Brother International Corporation. GT-541 is property of Brother®, and all other names and symbols are the property of the respective entities.

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