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Charles M Jessup Inc / Screen & Digital Supply


Thank you to all of our customers for almost 75 years

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Inkjet Printables

Inkjet Printables

InkjetPrintables® brand items.

IJP items DO NOT REQUIRE PRETREATMENT and can be printed on any direct-to-garment inkjet printer that is designed to print on a flat surface.  ALL of these products have been successfully test printed on Brother GT-541 & GT-782 direct-to-garment inkjet printers, as well as many Epson based DTG printers using textile inks.

A message from InkJetPrintables:

We have been involved in the evolution of the revolution in “Direct-To-Garment” (DTG) inkjet printers since the mid 1990’s. was born out of the need to supply blank digitally imprintable items for Brother Direct-To-Garment GT-Series family of inkjet printers.

We vigorously theorize, dream up, test and invent new and unique items to offer your customers. Our items are desirable and readily accepted in many market segments covering varied demographics. All of our items have been tested for compatibility and optimum print quality with the Brother GT-541, GT-782 and the newest G3 Series GraffiTee Direct-To-Garment inkjet printers.

Although all of our products are tested on the Brother printer, most other Direct-To-Garment printers are compatible also. How to print tech sheets are available for all of our items. The tech sheets spell out the exact steps to successfully image any of our products. Hence our slogan: “Pre-tested, so you don’t have to”.

Our mainstay and claim to fame is the absorbent synthetic stone ceramic coasters. We have developed our own ceramic formulas and bisques to impart the most desirable features for digital imaging without the need for after-market pre-treatments.

Our mission is to make every Direct-To-Garment user an invaluable and primary supplier of the most unique line of high quality products to their customers.

Let us help you think outside the box!

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  1. Image Armor DARK Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Image Armor DARK Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Starting at: $47.50

    Image Armor DARK Pretreatment

    USE FOR: Dupont type CMYK+W ink formulas used in many Epson based DTG printers.  100% Cotton Dark Shirts, 50/50 Cotton/Poly Dark Shirts

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  2. Image Armor LIGHT DTG Pretreatment

    Image Armor LIGHT Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Starting at: $45.00

    Image Armor LIGHT pretreatmentUSE FOR: 100% Cotton, 50/50 Cotton or 100% polyester WHITE and very light shade pastels.  CMYK only &/or W+CMYK

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