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Epson 4900 Refillable Cartridges (Set of 11)

Epson 4900 Refillable Cartridges (Set of 11)

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Epson 4900 Compatible Refillable Cartridges Set of 11 with Syringe and Special Tip Adapter


CALL, we still may have individual cartridges available

Epson 4900 refillable cartridge kit

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  • Epson 4900 refillable cartridge kit


Epson 4900 Compatible Refillable Cartridges with Auto Reset Chip.

Complete set of 11 refillable cartridges, with ARS (Auto Reset Chip)   100% COMPATIBLE Refillable cartridges save you thousands of dollars!  Refill with our own Positively Black® ink and have 11 channels of Black ink for high production film positives.  Fill with colored ink for photo realistic printing (bulk color ink available from other resellers).  When a cartridge gets low (approx 20%), top it off and reinsert to simulate a full cartridge again and again.

These cartridges feature "ARS" (Auto Reset Chip).  It is a little more expensive to have this micro-processor chip, but well worth the extra cost.  There is no need to buy a separate chip resetter.  The ARS chips automatically reset themselves on their own pre-programmed cycle.  The ink volume display may not always match the actrual ink volume.  When level autoresets to full, remove cartridge and refill.  BUT, in any case, do NOT allow the ink cartridge to run out of ink.

Replacement ARS Micro-Chip:  Occaisionally a chip will become unstable.  Replacement chips are available: CLICK HERE TO ORDER ARS CHIPS ONLY

WARNING:  Do NOT remove the ink cartridge from the printer unless you are planning to refill it.

The Epson 4900 Complete Set of Compatible Cartridges (200ml cartridge) (DOES NOT INCLUDE INK)

Warning:  Do not allow cartridges to get completely drained!  Refill with only 200ml of ink, do not overfill.  Clear plastic cartridges allow you to monitor ink levels at a glance.

The following directions are for filling our internal bag cartridge.  Our new style carts do not have internal bags.  They simply have a single fill hole and a breather hole.  Separate instructions included with purchase.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE (internal bag cartridge):

  1. Turn printer OFF
  2. Remove clear fill plug  Epson 4900 Remove filler plug
  3. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT: Gently blow into hole to inflate internal bag
  4. Insert funnel until it seats securely and fill with less than 200ml of ink (jiggle a little if it wont all fit)  Epson 4900 insert funnel
  5. CLEAN OFF ANY OVERFILL SPILLAGE.  Otherwise it may drip when inserted back in printer
  6. Replace the plug and press firmly to seat it
  7. Flip over cart so that ink needle hole is facing up, gently jiggle so air is at top of inner bag
  8. Insert syringe with special needle tip completely into ink needle hole of cart.  Make sure tip sits flush against the cartridge.    Epson 4900 remove air  Special Syringe Tip  Special Syringe Tip
  9. Draw back on syringe and remove any air and about 5cc of ink
  10. Insert filled cartridge into the correct printer slot
  11. Turn printer ON

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