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IJP Brother GT Ink Supply Tube Flush Kit - 1 Color

IJP Brother GT Ink Supply Tube Flush Kit - 1 Color

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DTG Ink Supply Tube Flush Kit, 1-Color

InkJetPrintables Ink Tube Flush Kit, 1-Color

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  • InkJetPrintables Ink Tube Flush Kit, 1-Color
  • InkJetPrintables Ink Tube Flush Drain Connection
  • InkJetPrintables Ink Tube Flush Drain Connection


DTG Tube Flush Kit, 1-Color

InkJetPrintables® series of professional cleaning and maintenance kits for DTG and Brother® GT-541 & GT-782 direct to garment printers.  This kit may also be used for flushing or clearing clogs in the drain lines under the rubber parking Caps. (however, IJP Drain Tube Flush Kit has all necessary and correct size silicone tubes)

Suggested Use:  Use this kit for flushing ink supply and drain tube(s).  Ink supply tubes and the ink cartridge supply needle will form coagulated ink caused by age, air intrusion or climactic extremes.  Ink supply tubes should be completely flushed clean every time a printhead is recovered or replaced if a new ink supply tube is not installed.  


  • 1 ea: 118 cc "Filtered" Wash Juice (purchase extra as refill for more tubes)
  • 1 ea: 60 cc Syringe
  • 1 ea: Micro-Filter Disc
  • 1 ea: 
  • 1 ea: 18” Polymer Tubing
  • 1 ea: Needle Adapter Fitting
  • 1 ea: Pierced Waste Cap
  • 1 ea: Empty Waste Container


DIRECTIONS:  Remove tube from printhead ink supply nipple and allow ink to be withdrawn back into cartridge by gravity, do not allow air to be drawn into ink cartridge.  Remove ink cart and slip waste drain hose with fitting over cartridge needle and tape hose securely to ink shelf.  Insert waste hose into waste bottle and tighten cap.  

Draw 30cc of air into syringe, affix micro-filter to syringe and ink tube and expel air into tube.  Repeat 2-3 times with air.  Remove filter and fill syringe with 5cc of Filtered Wash ‘Juice’, shake to make it foamy, replace filter, attach to ink tube, inject foamed ‘juice’ under slight pressure.  Remove filter and fill syringe with 25cc of ‘Juice’, replace filter, attach to ink tube and inject under slight pressure.  Repeat process alternating air-injection, foam injection and juice-injection until tube is completely clear.  Finish with several final injections of filtered air to completely clear tube of anyresidual ‘juice’.  Do not inject un-filtered air or juice into ink tube.  Take note of flow direction on micro-filter.

Make sure ALL loose particles of ink are ejected through the ink needle and clean/clear solvent is draining.  DO NOT allow particles to be drawn back through tube and into printhead.  This may permanently clog the flow of ink inside the printhead.

DISCLAIMER:  InkJetPrintables service kits are intended for use by trained, authorized or certified technicians.  Although brief instructions are included, we can not freely supply end-users with specific technical support in the use of these kits.  We can not be responsible to troubleshoot a user's machine to determine the reason for print quality issues.  Although we will always try our best to accommodate our customers with support and technical knowledge, please understand we can not offer this free support "on demand".  Your best option is to access Brother's technical support team and when necessary, have a certified technician for on-site service.

WARNING:  Print head nozzles are very delicate and sensitive, if any substance other than a specifically formulated solvent is used to clean them, damage to the nozzles and print head is likely to occur.  Many operators are misinformed that they can use 'Simple Green" to clean sensitive and delicate inkjet printheads.  "Simple Green" is intended for janitorial and general cleaning purposes and is NOT FILTERED and may contain particulate that will damage or permanently clog printhead nozzles.  We recommend to USE ONLY our *Triple Filtered* Inkjet Cleaning Solution "Juice".  It is specialy formulated by us and triple-filtered to guarantee NO FOREIGN specs or contaminates that can damage printheads.

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