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73 years

Epson 4880, 7600 Refillable Cartridges 250cc

Epson 4880, 7600 Refillable Cartridges 250cc

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Product Name Price Qty
Epson 4880 Refillable Cartridge 250cc ANY COLOR POSITION
Epson 4880 Refillable Cartridges 250cc Set of 8 (Positions 1-8)
Positively Black™ Inkjet INK (Bulk 500ml)
Epson 7600 Refillable Cartridges 250cc Set of 7 (Positions 1-7)

Quick Overview

Save "thousands" of dollars by refilling your own cartridges.  
MAKE SURE OF YOUR PRINTER MODEL BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.  Several customers have ordered the wrong cartridges in error.  The 4800 Cartridges or Chips will NOT work in the 4880 printers and vice-versa.

Epson 4800/4880 Refillable Cartridge - Set of 8

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  • Epson 4880 Refillable Cartridge - Single K position 1
  • Epson 4880 Refillable Cartridge - Single K position 1
  • EEpson 4880 Refillable Cartridge
  • Epson 4800/4880 Refillable Cartridge - Set of 8
  • Epson 4800/4880 Refillable Cartridge - Set of 8
  • Refilling 4880 with Positively Black bulk ink
  • Epson 7-Pin Chip Resetter


Epson Compatible 4880 Refillable Cartridges

Extra Large 250cc refillable cartridges (fill with 220cc ink).  Purchase ink in "bulk" and reload/re-fill your cartridges again and again.  Save "thousands" of dollars by refilling your own cartridges.  Our refillable cartridges are made with a transparent plastic that will allow you to visibly see the ink levels at all times. This ensures that you will see how much ink you have left so that you don’t risk running out of ink in the middle of an important job.  Our unique design makes the cartridges extremely easy to refill. You just simply need to pour the ink through a funnel, which fits easily in the top of the cartridge.  Cartridges can be refilled without removing them from the printer.

Each cartridge comes standard with an onboard resettable chip.  You can reset the cartridge with a chip resetter over and over, thus allowing you to reuse the cartridge again and again, saving you time and money. 

Refill slot #1 cartridge with our Positively Black™ Inkjet Ink, or fill all 8 with our Positively Black ink for high volume film positive printing.  Keep your printer's ability to print full color graphics and use low cost bulk color inks or sublimation inks.  These carts can also be used in certain Epson 4880 and 4800 based Direct-To-Garment printers as a low cost alternative to pre-filled textile ink carts. 

  • Single Cartridge*: 4880 printers ONLY. Good for ANY POSITION (Activated when inserted in printer and powered on)
  • Set of 8 Cartridges: K, C, M, Y, LK, LC, LM, LLK (Positions #1 thru #8)

* NOTE:  When purchasing this kit or a single refillable cartridge, we strongly recommend also purchasing the Epson 7-Pin Chip Resetter.


  1. Turn printer OFF
  2. Insert empty refillable carts into printer
  3. Remove big filler plug and fill with 220ml of ink using a funnel
  4. Replace filler plug
  5. Remove small breather plug (while operating printer)
  6. Turn printer ON
  7. Answer all warning messages regarding non-genuine carts
  8. Refill carts while in place as needed
  9. Use chip resetter as needed for Maintenance Tank resetting or low-level ink cartridge warning.
  10. All ink cartridges are shipped factory reset to "full"


NOTE:  We no longer have "cartridges" for the older 4800 & 7600 printers.  But we can sell you the CHIPS ONLY and you can put them into your existing cartridges to continue using them.  The chips will reset automatic, but we still advise to have a Chip Resetter handy.

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