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Thank you to all of our customers over the last 75 years

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  1. i-Group Technologies Viper MINI Pretreater

    Viper MINI PreTreatment Machine *FREE SHIPPING*

    Regular Price: $1,695.00

    Special Price: $1,495.00


    Call Jay Jessup @ 1-732-324-0430 to order a Viper MINI

    ...and ASK FOR FREE Image Armor Pretreat Solution! Learn More

  2. Stahl's Hotronix Auto Open Cap Heat Press STXC

    Hotronix Auto Open CAP PRESS STXC


    Hotronix Auto Open CAP Heat Press

    120volt, 4 amps, 500watts

    Learn More
  3. Stahl's Hotronix Auto Open 6x6 Heat Press

    Hotronix Auto Open 6"x6" STX6


    Hotronix Auto Open 6" x 6" Heat Press

    120volt, 3 amps, 360watts

    Learn More
  4. ChromaTech WR Water Resistant Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion

    ChromaTech WR Photopolymer Emulsion

    Starting at: $32.95

    Universal Textile WATER-RESIST Emulsion

    Learn More
  5. Jessup Empty Squeeze Bottles with Cone Dispenser Top

    MT Plastic Squeeze Bottles

    Starting at: $2.50

    W I D E  M O U T H Plastic Squeeze Bottles

    Learn More
  6. AlbaChem 'Premium' Spray Adhesives

    AlbaChem 'Premium' Spray Adhesives

    Starting at: $9.20

    PREMIUM Spray Adhesives from AlbaChem

    LIMITED INVENTORY - CALL For CASE Pricing & Availability

    Learn More
  7. Stouffer's 21 Step Screen Exposure Guide

    21-Step Screen Exposure Guide

    21 Step Screen Exposure Guide


    * Domestic, 1st. Class Mail

    Learn More
  8. ULTIMATE Clean-up Card

    ULTIMATE Clean-Up-Card

    Starting at: $5.95

    Packaging: PACK of 100 - BOX of 500 - CASE of 1,500

    Order "3 cases" for most economical ship cost.  It will avoid the UPS "Add Handling" surcharge on 50+ lb packages.

    Learn More
  9. MT Plastic Jars & Bucket

    MT Plastic Mixing Containers

    Starting at: $0.65

    Out of stock

    MT Plastic Mixing Containers

    Learn More
  10. POSITIVELY BLACK™ Premium Waterproof Inkjet Film

    Positively Black™ PREMIUM Inkjet FILM (Waterproof)

    Starting at: $37.40


    Learn More
  11. i1200 QUART Scale

    High Accuracy Digital Mixing Scales

    Starting at: $139.95

    High accuracy digital scales are required for correct mixing of inks and chemicals.  Accuracy down to .1 grams (.004 oz)

    Learn More
  12. UDC-2 Magna/Cure Dual Cure Emulsion

    UDC-2 Magna/Cure Dual Cure Emulsion

    Starting at: $93.60

    Magna/Cure UDC-2 Dual Cure Emulsion (4 gal minimum)

    Learn More
  13. Pallet Guard Tape

    Pallet Guard Tape

    Starting at: $73.08

    Perfect-Tear® Pallet Guard Tape (Medium Tack)

    Also known as: Pallet Protection Tape.

    Learn More
  14. Richmond Graphics Solarbeam SBL-4 / SBL-2 Exposure Bulb Calmat

    SBL-4 or SBL-2 Solarbeam 10k 7k Tri-Metal Halide Exposure Lamp Richmond Graphics Screenmaker


    Tri-Metal Halide - the BEST light for screen making. Usually IN STOCK  and ready to ship same day. CALL for SAME DAY SHIPPING until 3:00pm EST

    Learn More
  15. Jessup CJ30001 Yellow Spreader
  16. Albatross SuperKleen Venta-2M Extractor Station

    SuperKleen Venta-2 Extractor Station


    Complete spot removing station (Gun sold separately) Learn More
  17. Albatross SuperKleen Venta-T Extractor

    SuperKleen Venta-TM Extractor (70-21)


    SuperKleen Venta-TM Extractor Table Top Unit 120v (#70-21) Learn More
  18. Albatross / Expert 3000 psi Spot Remover Gun #06402

    Expert 3000 psi Spotting Gun


    Expert 3000 psi Spotting Gun 110v60hz

    Learn More
  19. i-Group Technologies Viper MAXX Pretreat Machine

    Viper MAXX DTG PreTreatment Machine *FREE SHIPPING*



    Call Jay Jessup @ 1-732-324-0430 for EXTRA SPECIAL PRICE ....and ASK FOR 5 FREE GALLONS of Image Armor Pretreat Solution!

    Learn More

19 Item(s)

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