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brother gtx

It looks like a winner to us!!

Do you have a Brother GTX printer?  The Image Armor ULTRA works fantastic for dark garments.  On light garments, the Image Armor LIGHT works amazing and extends washfastness beyound the life of the garment!

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  1. Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 DTG Printers

    Sawgrass NaturaLink B for Brother GT Printers

    Starting at: $150.00

    Buy 4 get 10% OFF (pay $135 each)*,  Buy10 get 20% OFF (pay $120 each)*.   Have a qualified quote that is lower? Email and we will BEAT IT.  Qualified quote must be from a domestic US authorized Sawgrass supplier selling current, fresh cartridges. 


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  2. Image Armor ULTRA pretreatment

    Image Armor ULTRA Pretreatment

    Starting at: $55.00

    Image Armor ULTRA pretreatment

    USE FOR: All Image Armor inks, Brother® GTX, GT3 Series & Epson® F-Series and Aeoon DTG Printers.  100% Cotton, Mid-Dark Colors & Black

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  3. Image Armor Cleaning Solution

    Image Armor Cleaning Solution

    Starting at: $49.95

    Formulated to completely remove pretreatment residue in all types of application equipment.*  

    Before & After:

    Viper Spray Tip BEFORE Viper Spray Tip AFTER

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  4. Rubystick Technical Foam Rubber Cleaning Stick Swab T-21

    Rubystick Polyurethane Rubber Clean Stick R Swab

    Starting at: $1.15

    Rubystick Technical Clean Stick R Swab.  T-21 is equal to Brother GTX Part # SB7008001 Clean Stick R

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  5. Image Armor LIGHT DTG Pretreatment

    Image Armor LIGHT Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Starting at: $50.00

    Image Armor LIGHT pretreatmentUSE FOR: 100% Cotton, 50/50 Cotton or 100% polyester WHITE and very light shade pastels.  CMYK only &/or W+CMYK

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  6. Image Armor DARK Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Image Armor DARK Formula DTG Pretreatment

    Starting at: $52.50

    Image Armor DARK Pretreatment

    USE FOR: Dupont type CMYK+W ink formulas used in many Epson based DTG printers.  100% Cotton Dark Shirts, 50/50 Cotton/Poly Dark Shirts

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  7. Brother SA5846401 GT-541 GT-782 CMYK Printhead

    Brother GT-541 / GT-782 CMYK Printhead - FREE GT-541 INK NEEDLE -

    Regular Price: $1,109.68

    Special Price: $1,019.52

    Brother GT-541 & GT-782 printhead for CMYK colors BRAND NEW - NOT A REFURB !!! (Old Part #SA5846401, SB4235001)

    NEW PART #SB4235101 (Oct 2016)

    These are usually IN STOCK ready for immediate shipment.


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  8. Brother SA9153101 GT-782 WHITE Printhead

    Brother GT-782 WHITE ink Printhead


    New Brother Part #SB4239101 (old part #SA9153101, SB4239001) Brother GT-782 print head for WHITE INK.  BRAND NEW - NOT A REFURB !!!

    These are usually IN STOCK in TN and require 1 extra day for order processing

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  9. Brother SB4231101 GT-3 Series Printhead

    Brother GT-3 Series IH2DS Printhead


    Brother GT-3 Series Printhead

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  10. Brother GT3LCF121 and GT3LCF131 IN-LINE INK FILTERS

    GT-3 / GTX Series LCF Ink Filters

    Starting at: $15.50

    Brother GT3 and GTX Series Replacement IN-LINE INK FILTERS

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  11. Brother Pocket Platen #599GT1PPT 3.5" x 6"
  12. Brother GT Series Infant / Baby Platen 7" x 10"

    SA8213601 Brother GT Series Baby Platen 7"x10"


    Baby / Infant Platen 7" x 10" SA8213601

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  13. Brother Youth Platen 10" x 12" SA6399401

    SA6399601 Brother GT Youth Platen 10"x12"


    Brother Youth Platen (complete assembly) SA6399601

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  14. Brother GT Series Long Sleeve Platen GTPSP

    GTPSP Brother GT Series Long Sleeve Platen 4.25"x16"


    This platen is great for doing long sleeve shirts and measures 4.25"x16". Learn More
  15. Stahl's Hotronix Fusion Table Top Heat Press

    Hotronix FUSION 16"x20" Heat Press STF


    The BEST heat press on the market!

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  16. Stahls Hotronix Hover Press
  17. i1200 QUART Scale

    High Accuracy Digital Mixing Scales

    Starting at: $45.00

    High accuracy digital scales are required for correct mixing of inks and chemicals.  Accuracy down to .1 grams (.004 oz)

    Special on CJ-600 Scale

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